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The Carlat Psychiatry Report
An Unbiased Monthly Covering All Things Psychiatric
Written in plain English, this independent publication offers doctors an unbiased, unsponsored overview of significant issues affecting clinical practice, with straightforward, honest assessments of the latest FDA-approved meds, research updates, practice tips, expert interviews and more.
One-year (10-12 issues) 12 CME credits per year

The Carlat Child Psychiatry Report
Unbiased Information for Child Psychiatrists
Get the latest bottom-line assessments of treatments for children and adolescents in this ‘easy read’ monthly publication, including quick-reference tables, checklists, and expert interviews.
One-year (4-8 issues), 8 CME credits per year.

The Carlat Addiction Treatment Report
Current Coverage of Addiction Medicine
Stay up-to-date on how to diagnose and treat patients with substance use problems, plus get an unbiased look at the latest medications, psychotherapies and other treatments.
One-year (4-8 issues), 8 CME credits per year.

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