Medication Fact Book Bundle – 20 CME


Two Practical Medication Fact Books
One Great Price

The Medication Fact Book, 4th Edition is a comprehensive reference guide covering all the important facts, from cost to pharmacokinetics, about the most commonly prescribed medications in psychiatry. This new edition includes additional fact sheets covering side effects to give you quick-reference access to understanding the most common side effects your patients experience with practical tips on how to manage them. Comes with a 12 CME post-test. Click here to view PDF sample pages.

The Child Medication Fact Book is presented in the same format and covers more than 70 of the most common medications used in child and adolescent psychiatry. No more trying to find dosage guidelines for young patients, it’s all spelled out right here. Comes with an 8 CME post-test. Click here to view PDF sample pages.

Both books come to you in print, spiral-bound so they can be easily laid flat and photocopied.

Both books are also delivered to you electronically as PDF/eBooks so you can put them on your laptop, tablet, phone, home, and office computers.