Psychiatry Practice Boosters, Third Edition (2021)


This third edition teaches you the key points of 62 of the most clinically relevant studies in psychiatry published over the past two years. This book includes a quick course in how to understand research design and statistics–so that you can be a more informed reader of the medical literature.

Versions of this book can be purchased with a 10-credit CME online post-test.

Click here to view the full table of contents, parts of the introduction, and sample studies (PDF).

Studies include: 

  • Does TMS Really Work in Depression?
  • Is Clozapine the Next Step After a Single Failed Antipsychotic Trial?
  • Is D-Cycloserine Useful for Panic Disorder Treatment Augmentation?
  • How Effective Are Medications for Pediatric Anxiety?
  • Can Stimulants Prevent Crime?
  • Is There a Case for Cannabis in the Treatment of Pain?
  • Can Computerized Interventions Reduce Cannabis Use?
  • Is Varenicline Effective for Alcohol Use Disorder?
  • Another Black Eye for Prazosin in PTSD?
  • Is Ketamine Just Another Opiate?
  • Can Buprenorphine Improve PTSD Symptoms?
  • Are All Psychotherapies for Anorexia Created Equal?