Psychiatry Practice Boosters, Third Edition (2021)


Print copies of this book are out of stock, but it is still available as a PDF/eBook edition.

This third edition teaches you the key points of 62 of the most clinically relevant studies in psychiatry published over the past two years. This book includes a quick course in how to understand research design and statistics–so that you can be a more informed reader of the medical literature. 

Versions of this book can be purchased with a 10-credit CME online post-test.

Click here to view the full table of contents, parts of the introduction, and sample studies (PDF).

Studies include: 

  • Does TMS Really Work in Depression?
  • Is Clozapine the Next Step After a Single Failed Antipsychotic Trial?
  • Is D-Cycloserine Useful for Panic Disorder Treatment Augmentation?
  • How Effective Are Medications for Pediatric Anxiety?
  • Can Stimulants Prevent Crime?
  • Is There a Case for Cannabis in the Treatment of Pain?
  • Can Computerized Interventions Reduce Cannabis Use?
  • Is Varenicline Effective for Alcohol Use Disorder?
  • Another Black Eye for Prazosin in PTSD?
  • Is Ketamine Just Another Opiate?
  • Can Buprenorphine Improve PTSD Symptoms?
  • Are All Psychotherapies for Anorexia Created Equal?