Clinical Update

In the News: Aducanumab (Aduhelm)

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Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is devastating. There is no cure and existing treatments don’t slow or stop its progression. In June 2021, the FDA approved aducanumab (pronounced a-due-KAN-you-mab, brand name Aduhelm) for the treatment of AD. It’s the first new AD med since 2003 and is the only treatment that directly attacks a component of AD’s purpor

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In Brief

In Brief: Meds in the Fast Lane

Topics: Aducanumab | Cognition | Dementia | FDA | Neurology | Novel drug

In the last five years, more psychotropics have gained approval through the FDA’s expedited pathways than the slow and cautious routes we’ve grown used to. These “fast-track” and “breakthrough therapy” approvals allow drugs to enter the market on the basis of more efficient (ie, smaller) clinical trials. Instead of the typical 2000 participa

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