How to Treat Tardive Dyskinesia

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Your patient is a 56-year-old male who recovered from a difficult-to-treat depression 4 years ago after quetiapine was added to his citalopram. As he talks, you notice that his fingers are tapping in a rapid, random pattern and his feet are wiggling. When questioned, he explains, “I just do that when I’m anxious.” Should you stop the antipsychotic

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Assessing and Treating Traumatic Brain Injury

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TCPR: How does a head injury differ from a traumatic brain injury (TBI)? Dr. Silver: A head injury is not the same as a brain injury. Not all blows to the head result in an injury to the brain. TBI means there was an injury to the brain caused by the application of external force. That differentiates it from other kinds of brain injury, such as stroke

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