Bipolar II

Clinical Update

How to Use Lamotrigine

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Lamotrigine is FDA approved as maintenance treatment for bipolar disorder—that is, for delaying episodes of depression, hypomania, or mania. However, it is not approved for active depression or mania—which has given it a reputation as a “light” mood stabilizer. For patients who appreciate tolerability, that’s a good thing, but it isn’t the f

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Research Update

Mood Stabilizers: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt Them

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Review of: Bai Y et al, J Clin Psychopharmacol 2020;40(2):167–179 STUDY TYPE: Combined meta-analysis and literature review of placebo-controlled trials Medication adherence is an ongoing struggle in bipolar disorder, and it’s compounded by the fact that our patients often don’t advertise their ­non-adherence. While numbers vary, reviews general

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Expert Q&A

Who Should Get Lithium?

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TCPR: Lithium has been called the gold-standard treatment in bipolar disorder. Why is it not used more often? Dr. Rybakowski: That is a paradox. On the one hand, lithium is accepted as a first-line treatment for bipolar disorder, but it is also greatly underutilized. And I think there are two main reasons. One is aggressive promotion of branded mood st

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Research Update

A New Antipsychotic for Bipolar Depression

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Lumateperone (Caplyta) just hit the pharmacy shelves with FDA approval in schizophrenia (see TCPR March 2020), and its manufacturer is pursuing further approval for bipolar depression. So far they’ve completed two phase III trials—one negative and one positive—and the positive one was presented in poster form by Suresh Durgam and colleagues at the

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