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Research Update

New Hope: CBT for Internet and Computer Game Addiction

Topics: Addiction Treatment | Brief psychotherapy | Cognitive Behavioral Therapy | Technology

Review of: Wölfling K et al, JAMA Psychiatry 2019;76(10):1018–1025 While many of us likely spend far too much time on our various devices—whether for fun or for work—between 0.3% and 1% of the general population might qualify for an internet gaming disorder (Przybylski AK et al, Am J Psychiatry 2017;174(3):230–236). Defined as excessive preo

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Expert Q&A

Using Mental Health Apps

Topics: Behavior therapy | Brief psychotherapy | Computers in Psychiatric Practice | Free Articles | Health Apps | Therapy during medication appointment | Therapy with Med Management

TCPR: Computer-assisted therapies have been around for decades. What makes mental health apps different? Dr. Torous: Computers have been used to support psychotherapy in many forms—email, video conferencing, texting, and online or desktop programs. Mental health apps take this to another level because they work through a device that most people keep

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