Bulimia Nervosa

Research Update

New Canadian Eating Disorders Guidelines

Topics: Anorexia Nervosa | Bulimia Nervosa | Eating Disorders | Least Restrictive Environment

Review of: Couturier J et al, J Eating Disorders 2020;8:4 Good guidelines can optimize clinical practice. The APA last published eating disorder guidelines in 2012. In 2020, a group of Canadian psychiatrists published new practice guidelines for eating disorder treatment. Let’s take a look. This systematic and comprehensive literature review scr

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Clinical Update

Light Therapy: Good for What Ails You?

Topics: ADHD | Alternative treatments | Antidepressant Augmentation | Bipolar Depression | Bulimia Nervosa | Complementary treatments | Complimentary Medicine | Depression | Depressive Disorder | Light and Dark Therapy | Light therapy | Lightbox | PTSD | Seasonal Affective Disorder | Sexual Dysfunction | Sleep | Sleep Disorders | Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

There are several lifestyle changes with broad health benefits that we often encourage in our patients. Exercise, a healthy diet, sleep hygiene, and supportive social connections are near the top of the list, and bright daytime light might be worth adding. Light therapy is a standard treatment for seasonal affective disorder, and in this article we’ll

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