Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy (CRT)

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Cognitive Rehabilitation for Youth With Psychotic Disorders

Topics: Cognition | cognitive impact | Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy (CRT) | Psychosis

CCPR: Please tell us a little bit about yourself. Dr. Ramsay: I’m a clinical psychologist at the University of Minnesota. I took a post-baccalaureate position in the psychiatry department at UC Davis, where I worked with Cam Carter’s lab studying the neural bases of aspects of cognitive disruption in people with psychotic disorders such as schizoph

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Traumatic Brain Injury: Definition, Classification, and Management

Topics: Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy (CRT) | Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

We hear a lot about traumatic brain injury (TBI) nowadays: among NFL players (as in the movie ‘Concussion’), and as a signature diagnosis among recent combat veterans. What doesn’t get as much press coverage is the impact of TBI on those suffering from addiction. Having an alcohol or other substance use disorder greatly increases the risk of TBI.

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