Research Update 2

Does Low to Moderate Alcohol Drinking Help or Hurt Cognition?

Topics: Alcohol | Alcohol Use | Alcohol use disorder | Cognition | Cognitive Decline | Comorbidity

Review of: Zhang R et al, JAMA Netw Open 2020;3(6):e207922 Is alcohol good or bad for cognition? The evidence is mixed. A new study brings additional clarity to this question by including a diverse patient population and by using longitudinal cognitive measurements of the subjects as opposed to cross-sectional evaluations at one time point. In an

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Research Update

Can Buprenorphine Improve PTSD Symptoms?

Topics: Addiction | Addiction Treatment | Antidepressants | Buprenorphine | Co-occurring disorders | Comorbidity | Dual diagnosis | Medication | Opioid Use Disorder | Pharmacology | PTSD | Research Update | SSRIs

Review of: Lake EP et al, Am J Addict 2019;28(2):86–91 For many years, the mainstay of treatment for PTSD has been the SSRI class of medications, but many of our patients still suffer crippling symptoms despite optimal antidepressant medication dosing. PTSD is often accompanied by opioid misuse, sometimes in an effort to self-treat the hyperarousal

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Clinical Update

Adult-Onset ADHD

Topics: Comorbidity | Diagnosis

“My son was just diagnosed with ADHD, and I think I may have it, too,” says Alex, a 42-year-old salesman who presents for evaluation. In addition to being sad, anxious, and irritable, and meeting criteria for mild major depression, Alex says he is often bored at work, fidgety during meetings, and forgetful at home. He has had these problems since

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