Clinical Update

Using an Interpreter in Psychiatric Practice

Topics: Affordable Care Act (ACA) | Culture | Diversity | Interpreter | Language | Translator

According to US census data, 21.9% of the US population speaks ‌a language other than English at home: chiefly Spanish, followed by Chinese (Center for Immigration Studies; Language barriers impair a child’s ability to receive appropriate, timely psychiatric treatment. Given these facts, as clinicians, we often need interpr

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Expert Q&A

Cultural Issues in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Topics: Brief Strategic Family Therapy (BFST) | Child Psychiatry | Culture | Diversity | expressed emotion | Minority | Promotoras

CCPR: Welcome, Dr. Pumariega. Please tell us about your work. Dr. Pumariega: I have been examining the impact of culture on mental health my entire career. My early work involved clinical practice, literature review, and my own studies to operationalize culturally competent services, leading to the Cultural Competence Standards for Four Racial Ethnic P

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