Antipsychotic Maintenance: How Long is Enough?

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Your 58-year-old patient started risperidone to augment lithium 2 years ago. It got her out of a severe mania, and she has stayed well since then. Now she’s worried about long-term risks and wondering if it’s time to come off. Augmentation with an atypical antipsychotic may offer rapid relief from mania and depression, but antipsychotics’ potenti

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Deprescribing Medication

Topics: Deprescribing | Psychopharmacology

There’s no shortage of information on prescribing medications, but when and how do we stop them? The Bruyere Deprescribing Guidelines Research Team is a group of clinicians and researchers who’ve set out to answer those questions. They’ve recently published 5 deprescribing guidelines, 3 of which are for psychiatric medications: benzodiazepines, an

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