Expert Q&A

Treating Co-Occurring Psychiatric Disorders

Topics: Co-occurring disorders | Diagnosis | Substance Use Disorder

CATR: Why do you think clinicians should pay attention to psychiatric disorders co-occurring with addiction? Dr. Ross: The reason is that they’re very common. For example, about 80% of people with schizophrenia have nicotine use disorder, and 50% have a non-nicotine substance use disorder (SUD) (Miller SC, Fiellin DA, Rosenthal RN, Saitz R, eds. ASAM

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Clinical Update

Adult-Onset ADHD

Topics: Comorbidity | Diagnosis

“My son was just diagnosed with ADHD, and I think I may have it, too,” says Alex, a 42-year-old salesman who presents for evaluation. In addition to being sad, anxious, and irritable, and meeting criteria for mild major depression, Alex says he is often bored at work, fidgety during meetings, and forgetful at home. He has had these problems since

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