Expert Q&A

Drug Overdoses in the US: Trends and Prevention Strategies

Topics: fentanyl | Harm reduction | Naloxone | Opioid epidemic | Opioids

CATR: Welcome, Dr. Sharfstein. Tell us about your background. Dr. Sharfstein: I am professor of the Practice of Health Policy and Management at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. I’m a pediatrician by training and have worked in the public sector. I was a health policy advisor for Congressman Henry Waxman and the health commissioner

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Research Update

A New Buprenorphine Dosing Strategy for Easier Induction From Fentanyl

Topics: Buprenorphine | fentanyl | induction | medication of opioid use disorder (MOUD) | Opioid Use Disorder

REVIEW OF: Antoine D et al, Am J Addict 2021;30(1):83–87 The escalating rate of opioid overdose deaths has been linked to the rise of illicit fentanyl. Increasing evidence shows that fentanyl and its analogues, such as carfentanil and acetylfentanyl, are fast replacing heroin as the most commonly used illicit opioid for many people with opioid use

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