Research Update

Genetic Testing in Depression

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REVIEW OF: Perlis RH et al, Depress Anxiety 2020;37(9):834–841 STUDY TYPE: Randomized controlled trial By tailoring medications to a patient’s genetic profile, pharmacogenomics promises less medication trial and error, fewer side effects, and better overall outcomes. But does knowing a patient’s pharmacogenetic profile really improve treatme

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Expert Q&A

Genetic Testing: What You Need to Know in 2021

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TCPR: Is there a role for genetic testing in clinical practice? Dr. Nurnberger: I think the evidence is growing that there’s a place for this in clinical practice. The meta-analyses of pharmacogenetic tests are actually looking pretty favorable recently, at least for some genes, particularly CYP2D6 and 2C19 (Bousman CA et al, Pharmacogenomics 2019;20

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A Second Look at Genetic Testing

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Genetic tests are marketed with a bold claim: that a handful of genes can predict medication response. AssureRx’s GeneSight is the most popular of these tests, and in 2015 we reviewed the evidence behind its panel. In short, it was lacking, but the company has just released new data that may move it a little closer to the mainstream. What’s

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