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Sex-Based Treatment of Schizophrenia

Topics: Estrogen | Female Issues in Psychiatry | Gender | Hormone Replacement Therapy | HRT | Oral Contraceptives | Osteporosis | Post-menopausal | Prolactin | Raloxifene | SERM (Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator) | Women’s Issues in Psychiatry

CHPR: Dr. Kulkarni, you’ve written about sex-based differences in symptoms and prognosis of schizophrenia. What are some of these differences? Dr. Kulkarni: Compared to men, women with schizophrenia experience a more benign course of illness, including fewer psychiatric relapses and hospitalizations. They are more likely to be employed and married an

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Research Update

The Effect of Age and Pubertal Stage on Mental Health in Gender-Incongruent Youths

Topics: adolescents | children | GAMC | GDD | Gender Affirming Medical Care | Gender Dysphoric Disorder | Hormone Replacement Therapy | HRT | Mental Health | Suicidality

Review of: Sorbara JC et al, Pediatrics 2020;146(4):e20193600 Gender incongruence means that a young person identifies with a gender that’s different from the one they were born with. These youths have an elevated risk of suicide and other psychiatric problems. Gender-affirming medical care (GAMC), such as hormonal therapies, can reduce those risks

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