Clinical Update

How to Use Lamotrigine

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Lamotrigine is FDA approved as maintenance treatment for bipolar disorder—that is, for delaying episodes of depression, hypomania, or mania. However, it is not approved for active depression or mania—which has given it a reputation as a “light” mood stabilizer. For patients who appreciate tolerability, that’s a good thing, but it isn’t the f

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Expert Q&A

Psychopharmacology in Bipolar II

Topics: Bipolar Disorder | Hypomania | Mania | Mixed Features | Mood Stabilizers

TCPR: You’ve carved out a unique practice with difficult-to-treat bipolar disorders. Tell us about the patients you see. Dr. Kelly: I see a lot of bipolar II and “softer bipolar.” Clinically these patients have chronic depression, often mixed with hypomanic symptoms. Nearly all have tried multiple antidepressants that didn’t work, stopped worki

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