Clinical Update

Smartphone Apps as Adjuncts for Substance Use Treatment

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The majority (81%) of Americans own a smartphone, and a little over one-half (58%) have downloaded a health-related app ( Could addiction apps be the next tool to improve treatment outcomes? This article will review some apps for substance use disorders (SUD) and discuss strategies for integrating them int

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Expert Q&A

Alternative Therapies for SUDs

Topics: Addiction Treatment | Complementary treatments | Connection | Internet | Media | Medication

CATR: Please tell us about your work. Dr. Novella: As an academic neurologist at Yale, I spend most of my time seeing patients, usually in the context of teaching students, residents, fellows, etc, and I do some clinical research. I also run the site Science-Based Medicine (, which promotes high standards of science through

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Research Update 3

Patient Reviews of Substance Use Services

Topics: Connection | Internet | Patient relationship | treatment | Treatment planning

Review of: Agarwal AK et al, J Gen Intern Med 35(6):1647–1653 When a patient or family member is looking for a specialized drug treatment facility (SDTF), they will often turn to online review sites to get information about facilities in their area. These reviews can drive patients’ choice of facility, but they often don’t focus on the same the

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Clinical Update

A Guide to Online and Overseas Pharmacies

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You’ve probably seen these scenarios in your practice. A patient doing well on Latuda can’t afford the $800 monthly cost with a new insurance plan. Another patient on disulfiram can’t find the medication because there is a nationwide shortage. Someone else expresses interest in medications used in other countries like amisulpride, tianeptine, or a

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