Least Restrictive Environment

Clinical Update

School Inclusion: What You Need to Know

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  Yamila is a 9-year-old autistic 3rd grader from a Spanish-speaking home with an individualized education plan (IEP) who attends a special education classroom with seven other students. She is a role model for her peers, compliant and never complaining. For two months Yamila has often been absent with stomachaches. After an extensive workup, Ya

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Research Update

New Canadian Eating Disorders Guidelines

Topics: Anorexia Nervosa | Bulimia Nervosa | Eating Disorders | Least Restrictive Environment

Review of: Couturier J et al, J Eating Disorders 2020;8:4 Good guidelines can optimize clinical practice. The APA last published eating disorder guidelines in 2012. In 2020, a group of Canadian psychiatrists published new practice guidelines for eating disorder treatment. Let’s take a look. This systematic and comprehensive literature review scr

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