Clinical Update

Reviews of Programs That Purport to Improve Reading

Topics: Dyslexia | Learning & Developmental Disabilities | Literacy | Reading | Reading Disorders | Reading remediation | Remediation

Families of children who struggle with reading often ask child psychiatrists for insight into reading intervention programs. These programs are usually heavily marketed with neuropsychological terms as well as testimonials from families and educators. Many reading intervention programs are expensive, and all are time-consuming, so it is important to und

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Expert Q&A 2

Opioid Use Disorders and Serious Mental Illness

Topics: Addiction Treatment | Alcohol use disorder | Behavioral treatment | Bipolar Disorder | Buprenorphine | Co-occurring disorders | Collaborative care | Depression | Literacy | Medical Comorbidities | Methadone

CATR: Please tell us about your clinical focus. Dr. Gomez-Luna: My principal role is within an organization called Behavioral Health Care, a behavioral health organization in Connecticut that serves a wide array of populations, from children and adolescents all the way to late adulthood ( We provide clinical services to communities for

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