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The Psychopharmacology Algorithm Project

Topics: Antidepressant Augmentation | Antidepressants | Antipsychotics | Bipolar Disorder | Bupropion | Depression | Depressive Disorder | Escitalopram | Lamictal | Lamotrigine | Lithium | Mood Stabilizers | olanzapine | Psychopharmacology | Psychopharmacology Tips | Wellbutrin

TCPR: What would be the biggest change in practice if psychiatrists followed your algorithms?Dr. Osser: One area is bipolar depression. This is a disorder where there is an exceptionally large deviation between what the evidence says and what people are doing, especially when it comes to antidepressants. They are still being used rampantly, even in pati

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Research Update

Mood Stabilizers and Stroke Risk in Bipolar Disorder

Topics: Bipolar Disorder | Lithium | Medical Comorbidities | Mood Stabilizers | Pharmacology

Review of: Chen PH et al, Br J Psychiatry 2018;1–6. doi:10.1192/bjp.2018.203 Study Type: Case-crossover study People living with bipolar disorder already have a decreased life expectancy of 10+ years compared to the general population (Crump C et al, JAMA Psychiatry 2013;70:931–939). Most of these years of lost life have been attributed to cardiov

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Research Update

Lithium in Geriatric Depression

Topics: Depression | Depressive Disorder | Geriatric Psychiatry | Lithium | Psychopharmacology | Treatment-Resistant Depression

REVIEW OF: Buspavanich P et al, J ­Affect Disord 2019;251:136–140 TYPE OF STUDY: Prospective, non-randomized controlled trial Augmentation with lithium has long been established as an effective strategy for refractory depression, but how does it fare in geriatric patients? There is a dearth of evidence on lithium in the geriatric population, which

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Ask the Editor: Should You Prescribe Lithium to Suicidal Patients?

Topics: Lithium | Pharmacology | Suicidality

Dear Dr. Aiken: You recommended lithium for suicidal patients in the TCPR 2018 summer issue, but isn’t there a risk of overdose with this strategy? Dr. Aiken: From firearms to bridges, the suicide rate goes down when we erect barriers to the means. Barriers work because suicidal impulses are brief, lasting only 1–2 hours on average. It

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