Clinical Update

Medication Management of Antipsychotic-Induced Weight Gain in Children and Teens

Topics: body mass index BMI | GLP-1 Agonists | Metformin | Second Generation Antipsychotics (SGAs) | Topiramate | Weight gain

Of approximately one million US children and adolescents, roughly 1% are prescribed second-generation antipsychotics (SGAs). These medications routinely breach the FDA’s level of concern of >7% body weight gain. The worst offenders are olanzapine, quetiapine, and risperidone; lurasidone and ziprasidone are of less concern (Maayan L and Correll CU,

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Clinical Update

Battle of the Bulge: Obesity and Antipsychotic-Induced Weight Gain

Topics: Aripiprazole | Benzphetamine | Bupropion | Diabetes | Diethylpropion | Exercise | Insulin resistance | Liraglutide | Metabolic syndrome | Metformin | Naltrexone | olanzapine | Phendimetrazine | Phentermine | Samidorphan | Semaglutide | Side Effects | Topiramate | Waist circumference | Weight gain | Ziprasidone

Many psychiatric medications cause weight gain, including mood stabilizers, antidepressants, and especially antipsychotics. Most weight gain secondary to antipsychotic use occurs in the first 6 months of therapy, so it’s important to monitor weight closely and intervene early in a patient’s treatment. We counsel patients at every visit about healthy

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Expert Q&A

Weight Gain and Metabolic Side Effects

Topics: Aripiprazole | Clozapine | Diabetes | Exercise | Insulin resistance | Liraglutide | Metabolic syndrome | Metformin | olanzapine | Quetiapine | Risperidione | Samidorphan | Side Effects | Topiramate | Waist circumference | Weight gain | Ziprasidone

CHPR: Dr. Marder, can you please tell us about your work? Dr. Marder: Sure. My work has focused on pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic approaches to improving the outcomes of serious mental illnesses, particularly schizophrenia. I’m very interested in ways to combine psychosocial interventions with pharmacological approaches and to reduce adverse side

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In Brief

Lybalvi: The Diet Olanzapine

Topics: Antipsychotics | Metabolic syndrome | Metformin | News of Note | Novel drug | Obesity | olanzapine | Side Effects | Waist circumference | Weight gain | Weight Loss Medications

Lybalvi is a new combo pill that aims to overcome the dreaded metabolic effects of olanzapine by pairing it with the opioid antagonist samidorphan. Patients still gain weight on Lybalvi, though not as much as they do on olanzapine. In the three controlled trials that compared the two drugs, the weight gain on Lybalvi was 5 lb less at six months, 3 lb le

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Research Update

Omega-3s and Metabolic Risks in Schizophrenia

Topics: Complementary treatments | Complimentary Medicine | Diabetes | Medical Comorbidities | Metabolic syndrome | Metformin | Natural Medications | natural treatments | Negative Symptoms | Omega-3 | Research Update

REVIEW OF: Pawełczyk T et al, Schizophr Res 2021;230:61–68 TYPE OF STUDY: Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial Patients with schizophrenia are at greater risk for metabolic syndrome, whether from lifestyle, antipsychotic side effects, or the illness itself. Omega-3 fatty acids have metabolic benefits in the general population, and lev

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Brief Clinical Update

Metformin ER Recalled Due to Cancer Risk

Topics: Antipsychotics | Generics | Metformin | Weight gain | Weight Loss Medications

Metformin is often prescribed to our patients to prevent weight gain on antipsychotics, but recently the FDA discovered that large batches of various metformin ER formulations may be contaminated with a carcinogen. Voluntary recalls of metformin ER began in May 2020 and have continued to the present. The result is drug shortages, fear, and an unanswered

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