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Motivational Interviewing With Teens About Weed

Topics: Cannabis | Marijuana | Motivational Interviewing | Outpatient | Primary care | Substance use disorders | teens | Weed

With motivational interviewing (MI), people are more likely to accept and act when they feel ownership; MI is specifically helpful for teens, who are at an age where they do not want suggestions from others. We spoke with Dr. Elizabeth D’Amico, nationally recognized for her work developing, implementing, and evaluating interventions for adolescents, a

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Expert Q&A

Integrating Medication Prescribing and Psychotherapy

Topics: Addiction Treatment | Cognitive Behavioral Therapy | Motivational Interviewing | Therapy during medication appointment

CATR: Set the stage for us on how you approach psychotherapy in addiction treatment. Dr. Marienfeld: I look at every interaction as a potential psychotherapeutic opportunity, whether it is “supposed” to be for psychotherapy or not. There is no strict separation when it comes to somebody with a substance use disorder. To begin with, I approach each

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Research Update

A Timely Look at Community Reinforcement for Seniors With Unhealthy Alcohol Use

Topics: Alcohol | Alcohol use disorder | Geriatric Psychiatry | Motivational Interviewing | Psychotherapy

Review of: Andersen K et al, Addiction 2020;115(1):69–81 During the COVID-19 pandemic, when every personal contact requires risk-reward deliberations, understanding the impact of relationships on health is crucial. This timely study, conducted from 2014 through 2016, investigated whether social networks reduce drinking among older adults with alcoh

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Clinical Update

Primer: Evidence-Based Psychosocial Interventions for Substance Use Disorders

Topics: Addiction | Addiction Treatment | Cognitive Behavioral Therapy | Motivational Interviewing | Psychotherapy | Substance Use Disorder

Evidence-based psychosocial interventions form a critical component of substance use disorder (SUD) treatment. However, clinicians may be less familiar with some of the newer modalities. This primer will help you make informed referrals and discuss options with your patients. Basic interventions Drug counseling Addiction counselors are the backbone o

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