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Turning Nightmares Into Dreams

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TCPR: What is nightmare disorder? Dr. Krakow: This is a sleep disorder in DSM-5 characterized by repeated, distressing nightmares. Some patients awaken from the dreams and others do not, but either way they usually remember the dreams, sometimes vividly. These nightmares often involve themes of threat, fear, and other distressing emotions. An important

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Research Update

Another Black Eye for Prazosin in PTSD?

Topics: Hypnotics | Insomnia | Nightmares | Prazosin | PTSD | Research | Research Update | Sleep | Suicidality

Review of: McCall W et al, J Clin Psychopharmacol 2018;38(6):618–621 Study Type: Randomized single-blind controlled trial (pilot study) Prazosin has become a mainstay in the pharmacologic treatment of PTSD. A selective antagonist of the noradrenergic alpha-1 receptor, it has modest benefits in sleep and nightmares that are supported by around ha

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