Oral Contraceptives

Research Update

Oral Contraceptive Users and Depressive Symptoms

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Review of: de Wit AE et al, JAMA Psychiatry 2019;77(1):52–59 Since the dawn of their widespread use in the 1960s, we’ve worried about the impact of oral contraceptives (OCP) on mood. But the research to date has been inconsistent, with studies reporting negative, positive, or no effects on mood. Heterogeneity in study population and design may un

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Expert Q&A

Mood and Menopause

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TCPR: When does perimenopausal depression tend to start?Dr. Nonacs: It’s during the transition into menopause that women are most vulnerable to depression. And that transition can actually take quite a while, like 5–7 years. TCPR: How does it present?Dr. Nonacs: Often they’ve had a history of depression, but have done fairly well up to this point

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