Benzodiazepines in Children and Adolescents

Topics: Benzodiazepines | Child Psychiatry | Pharmacology

Michael, who’s 9, is brought in by his parents for his first psychiatric assessment. His parents report that lately, Michael has been worrying all the time. He asks to sleep in his parents’ bed. This past month, he also began having problems separating from his parents in the morning for school. Michael’s therapist suggested a medication assessmen

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Tales From History

The History of Depakote

Topics: Pharmacology

Valproate originally saw the light of day in the German laboratory of Beverly Burton, in 1882. She was engaged in research on fatty acids, and synthesized a new one, called 2-propylvaleric acid. But she was not able to make this acid into a salt, which is necessary in order to turn it into a solid form, and so she stopped working on it. The compound res

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