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When Further Medication Trials Seem Futile

Topics: Depression | Depressive Disorder | MAOIs | Patient relationship | Pramipexole | Psychiatric interviewing | Therapy during medication appointment | Therapy with Med Management | Treatment-Resistant Depression

TCPR: When it comes to medication trials, how do you know when enough is enough?Dr. Goldberg: I don’t think I would ever say “enough is enough,” but there is a point at which the probability of medicines having a big effect becomes very, very low. In depression, that point is pretty black-and-white in my mind: 5 trials. In a study from Massachuset

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How to Use Pramipexole

Topics: Depression | Parkinson’s Disease | Pramipexole

Pramipexole is a selective agonist at the dopamine D3 receptor, which is thought to regulate hedonic drive. It is FDA approved in Parkinson’s disease and restless legs syndrome, and has five randomized controlled trials in depression. In unipolar depression it worked as monotherapy or augmentation, and in bipolar depression it worked as augmentation o

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