Clinical Update

An Off-Label Guide to Gabapentin

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Gabapentin (Neurontin) is not a medication that would make the FDA proud. Less than 1% of its outpatient use is for an FDA indication, and a good portion of the off-label use takes place in psychiatry. These trends sparked a backlash in the 2000s, when Pfizer paid a $1.3 billion fine for misleading marketing practices. Recent reports of misuse of gabape

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Research Update

Pharmacology for GAD: Complex Choices

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Review of: Slee A et al, Lancet 2019;393(10173):768–777 Study Type: Network meta-analysis With over 2 dozen choices, how do we pick a medication for generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)? The authors of this network meta-analysis sought to answer this question. Network meta-analysis allows researchers to gauge treatments that haven’t been directly c

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