Note From the Editor-in-Chief

Topics: PTSD

My goal in publishing TCPR is to help you think differently about your clinical practice, hopefully to enhance your effectiveness as a healer. After editing this month’s issue on posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), I think I’ve achieved that goal in my own practice. I’ve often noticed that PTSD seems to present in two forms: clear and fuzzy.

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Update on Medications for PTSD

Topics: Psychopharmacology | PTSD

Every five years or so, we do an update on PTSD treatments; the most recent was our August 2011 issue of TCPR, in which we declared that psychotherapy was the gold standard for treatment. Recently, the US Veterans Health Administration (VA) and the Department of Defense made this their official position. In their just-published 2017 treatment guidelines

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Expert Q&A

Assessing Complex PTSD

Topics: Free Articles | PTSD

TCPR: We’ve been hearing more the last few years about the concept of complex PTSD. I know that there are similarities with conventional PTSD—which is covered in the DSM-5—but can you explain to our readers how complex PTSD is different from conventional PTSD? Dr. Schwartz: The first thing that I would say is that complex PTSD can sometimes be

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Efficacy of Quetiapine in PTSD