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Coffee: Healthy Study Aid or the Addiction We Hate to Acknowledge?

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Caffeine permeates our society. It comes in many forms, including coffee and increasingly popular energy drinks. We consume it, and so do our patients. So, is it a harmless habit or a potentially harmful addiction? Let’s take a sip and find out. Is it addictive? The WHO in ICD-10 recognizes the diagnosis of substance dependence due to caffeine, an

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Becoming Successful Despite ADHD

Topics: ADHD | Psychotherapy | Registered Article

CCPR: Dr. Katz, how did you get interested in this topic? Dr. Katz: There’s a body of research exploring the lives of those who overcame a range of adverse childhood experiences, including learning-related challenges. I’ve always been interested in this work. Parents at our center are often surprised to learn that successful adults in every prof

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