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Racism and Psychiatry

Topics: Black youth | Disparities | Diversity | Patient relationship | Race | Respectful Care

TCPR: What does a psychiatrist need to know about race in this era? Dr. Cyrus: Race and identity are hot topics, even for White people, so psychiatrists need to find a better way to talk about it. The pandemic brought the dynamics of oppression and inequality to the forefront in medicine. Racism is not just happening in the news, the protests, and the

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Clinical Update

Cultural Competence: Impact on Clinical Care

Topics: Cultural Competence | Culture | Race | Respectful Care

Hien, your 8-year-old Vietnamese American patient with autism spectrum disorder, is referred to you for “assault” and “elopement.” The school psychologist describes Hien hugging peers (“assaults”) during reading (“non-preferred task”), leaving his desk (“elopement”), and coming to the teacher and leaning into her chest (“sexual mis

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