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Weight Gain From Aripiprazole Same as Risperidone

Topics: Antipsychotics | Aripiprazole | Autism | Autism Spectrum Disorder | Risperidone | Weight gain

Review of: Schoemakers RJ et al, J Child Adolesc Psychopharm 2019;29(3):192–196 Many providers prefer aripiprazole over risperidone for young patients due to observed lower incidence of weight gain. This is supported in studies with follow-up of less than 3 months. However, does aripiprazole fare better with long-term use? Researchers reviewed r

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In Brief

In Brief: Antipsychotic Update

Topics: Dementia | Risperidone

Outdoor activity, massage, and touch therapy ranked most effective for agitation in dementia. In a meta-analysis of 163 randomized controlled trials, nonpharmacologic interventions were more effective than antipsychotics for aggression and agitation in dementia (Watt JA, Ann Intern Med 2019 Oct 15). Risperidone doesn’t appear to cause fractures. Ri

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