Expert Q&A

Communicating With Patients About Gender

Topics: Depression | Diversity | Gender | Gender Diverse | Gender Identity | LGBT | LGBTQ+ | Minority | Pronouns | Stigma | Suicide | TGD | Transgender

CCPR: Welcome, Dr. Keuroghlian. Please tell us what you do. Dr. Keuroghlian: At The Fenway Institute, I see transgender and gender-diverse (TGD)* patients in the behavioral health department. We also conduct education, training, technical assistance, and implementation with health systems and programs nationwide. I also direct the Gender Identity Progr

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Clinical Update

Reducing the Stigma of Addiction Through Language and Terminology

Topics: Disparities | Engagement | Free Articles | Opioid Use Disorder | Stigma

The words we use in discussing addiction shape the way our patients, fellow clinicians, and communities think about substance use disorders. Addiction has long been viewed as a moral failing, and the terminology of addiction has reinforced this belief. Here, we review the evidence that documents how terminology can perpetuate—or reduce—the stigma as

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Research Update

Stigmatizing Smoking: An Effective Deterrent?

Topics: Prevention | Public health | Stigma | Tobacco use disorder

Review of: Cortland CI et al, Addiction 2019;114:1842–1848 Tobacco use is the single most preventable cause of death, disease, and disability in the United States. Among the $50 million the American government spends each year on tobacco cessation efforts, part of that money is spent on public service campaigns that work to shame or stigmatize smok

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Expert Q&A

Overdiagnosis in Psychiatry

Topics: Adult ADHD | Bipolar II | Borderline Personality Disorder | BPD | Diagnosis | DSM | PTSD | Stigma

TCPR: Which disorders are the most overdiagnosed in psychiatry? Dr. Paris: At the top of the list are major depression, PTSD, bipolar II, adult ADHD, and—this one is a recent addition because it used to be underdiagnosed—borderline personality disorder. Each of these conditions may be underdiagnosed in some settings as well, but they have also been

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