Research Update

Which Medications Have the Lowest Risk of Side Effects?

Topics: Antidepressants | Antipsychotics | Lithium | Mood Stabilizers | Psychotropic medication | Side Effects | Stimulants

REVIEW OF: Solmi M et al, World Psychiatry 2020;19(2):214–232 Adverse effects are important considerations when choosing psychotropic medications, especially in children and adolescents. This study pooled available research to compare the safety profiles of various psychotropics used in the pediatric population. The authors screened thousands of st

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In Brief

The Other Pandemic

Topics: Opioids | Stimulants

Predictions that overdose mortality would worsen during the COVID-19 pandemic have unfortunately proven accurate. Recent data outlined in an alert by the CDC show that rates of overdose deaths from opioids and stimulants accelerated at an alarming rate between March and May 2020, the period coinciding with widespread lockdowns (

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Clinical Update

Stimulants and Creativity

Topics: ADHD | Amphetamines | ArModafinil | Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder | Creativity | methylphenidate | Modafinil | Provigil | Side Effects | stimulant | Stimulants

Your patient is a 25-year-old music teacher with ADHD. Though her organizational skills have improved with methylphenidate, she complains that it impairs her performance as a jazz musician: “I feel self-conscious, like a robot.” Popular lore holds that creative people have ADHD traits and that ADHD bestows advantages in creative thinking. Stock cha

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