Clinical Update

Helping Families Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

Topics: Coronavirus | COVID19 | online therapy | pandemic | Telehealth | Telemedicine | Telepsychiatry

The coronavirus has called on skills that few of us learned in our training. But you don’t need to be an epidemiologist or mental health expert to take some basic steps that will make this pandemic easier for your patients and families. Telepsychiatry Telehealth is becoming the norm, not the exception, and many private practices have shifted to ph

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Expert Q&A

Telemedicine for Addiction Treatment: Evidence and Implementation Strategies

Topics: Addiction | Addiction Treatment | pandemic | Special populations | Telehealth | Telemed | Telemedicine | Telepsychiatry

CATR: What gaps can technology fill when we work with patients with substance use disorders? Dr. Swendeman: Really, it’s about accessibility. In some ways, an in-person model where you require people to come to in-person visits could be considered a form of rationing of care. COVID-19 is creating silver-lining opportunities for telehealth to improve

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