Research Update

E-Cigarettes and Relapse to Cigarette Smoking

Topics: E-Cigarettes | Smoking Cessation | Vaping

REVIEW OF: Pierce JP et al, JAMA Network Open 2021;4(10):e2128810 STUDY TYPE: Cohort study Mounting evidence suggests that ­e-cigarettes are effective for smoking cessation—nearly twice as effective as nicotine replacement therapy (see CATR May/Jun 2020 for a review of a prominent randomized controlled trial). While health authorities in some c

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Expert Q&A

A Primer on Vaping: 15 Years On

Topics: E-Cigarettes | Smoking Cessation | teens | Vaping

CATR: Can you give us your professional background? Dr. Kaliamurthy: I finished medical school in India followed by an adult psychiatry residency and child psychiatry fellowship at the Institute of Living in Hartford, CT. I then completed an addiction psychiatry fellowship at Yale and am currently an attending psychiatrist at the Children’s National

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News of Note

The FDA Campaigns Against Flavored Tobacco Products

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Electronic cigarette use, or vaping, is becoming increasingly common. Companies manufacturing e-cigarettes advertise them as alternatives to conventional cigarettes and even a pathway to smoking cessation. However, the popularity of vaping has sky-rocketed in high schools across the country with adolescents becoming addicted to nicotine daily. Monitorin

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