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Finally, Effective Treatments for Tardive Dyskinesia

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Antipsychotics, especially first-generation antipsychotics, can cause tardive dyskinesia (TD) or abnormal involuntary movements of different areas of the body. For years, we have dreaded seeing our patients develop TD because there was little we could do about these symptoms. In 2017, the FDA approved two agents to treat TD, valbenazine (Ingrezza) and d

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How to Treat Tardive Dyskinesia

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Your patient is a 56-year-old male who recovered from a difficult-to-treat depression 4 years ago after quetiapine was added to his citalopram. As he talks, you notice that his fingers are tapping in a rapid, random pattern and his feet are wiggling. When questioned, he explains, “I just do that when I’m anxious.” Should you stop the antipsychotic

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