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Can Eszopiclone Augment Antidepressants?

We unpack 6 studies of the hypnotic eszopiclone in depressive and anxiety disorders, and conclude that there’s more going on here than a simple benefit in sleep. Our word of the day tells us something about what’s missing in depression: Present moment awareness. Published On: 4/26/21 Duration: 22 minutes, 52 seconds Transcript: We all know that when [...]

COVID, Benzos, and Opioids

Overdose deaths have been rising during COVID, but simply stopping the drug causes problems of its own. In this episde, Ashwin Patkar and Richard Weisler discuss how to reduce the risk of opioid deaths in psychiatric patients. Their Current Psychiatry article on the subject is here. Published On: 3/28/21 Duration: 26 minutes, 50 seconds Rough Transcript: [...]

The Best SSRI – Part 2

Are the SSRIs really that different? If a patient doesn't respond to one will they respond to another? We sift through three decades of research to find answers. Published On: 8/3/20 Duration: 19 minutes, 13 seconds Transcript:  Tony Soprano: “Here we go, here comes the Prozac” Welcome to the Carlat Psychiatry Podcast, keeping psychiatry honest [...]

How Effective is Esketamine [60 Sec Psych]

It's been a year since esketamine's (Spravato) debut for treatment resistant depression, and the numbers are in: to treat and to harm. A review of Citrome L, DiBernardo A, Singh J. 144 Esketamine Nasal Spray for Management of Treatment-Resistant Depression: Number Needed to Treat, Number Needed to Harm, Likelihood to be Helped/Harmed. CNS Spectr. 2020;25(2):291‐292. [...]

Prepare for Retirement, Closing Your Practice

There are a lot of moving parts involved in closing your practice and retiring, says James T. Hilliard, an attorney and an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School. Subscribers can read the full article Hilliard wrote for the The Carlat Psychiatry Report. Here are four critical tasks: 1. Inform your Board of Medicine Most states [...]