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7 Clozapine Tips

We're supposed to move to clozapine after two failed antipsychotics in schizophrenia, but how many of us are really doing that?  Not enough. Clozapine may be difficult to use, but it is life changing for many patients. Here we bring you 7 tips, from serum plasma levels to little-known side effects like OCD. Published on: [...]

Telehealth for Inpatient Psychiatry: Strategies in the Age of COVID-19

Daniel Carlat, MD As I mentioned in my last post on social distancing strategies, these techniques are very difficult on our typically crowded and small inpatient units. The ultimate social distancing technique is to avoid setting foot in the unit, which is where telehealth comes in.  Remote treatment has rapidly become the standard for psychiatric [...]

Coronavirus and Mental Health – Part 1

This is a special episode covering coronavirus for mental health care professionals with a focus on children and adolescents. Dr. Feder discusses basic information on symptoms, minimizing transmission, tips for telepsychiatry, talking about the virus with patients prone to anxiety, and addressing cultural bias. Date published: 3/6/2020 Duration: 15 minutes, 11 seconds Links and resources: About Coronavirus [...]