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Looking Ahead To 2019 Newsletter Topics

The Carlat Psychiatry Blog, Volume , Number ,

Subscribers can look forward to some great content throughout the year for all three newsletters. Here’s what the editors-in-chief have to say about the useful articles they are working on to help you improve patient outcomes.

The Carlat Psychiatry Report

There’s no shortage of information on prescribing medications, but when and how do we stop them? The first issue of 2019 tackles the interesting topic of deprescribing, along with research updates on cannabidiol for schizophrenia and the potential downsides to ketamine.

The next issue will cover dark and light therapy (or chronotherapy),  followed by issues on preventative treatments, sleep disorders, depression, handling insurance, side effects, antipsychotics, complementary alternative medicines, and improving psychiatrist/patient relationships.

Needless to say we’ve got a lot of great material coming up with solid input from experts in these fields. Hope it’s helpful!

Chris Aiken, MD
Editor-in-Chief of The Carlat Psychiatry Report
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The Carlat Child Psychiatry Report

For our first issue of 2019 on anxiety, we spoke with Dr. Moira Rynn at Duke about the concept of anxiety as a pervasive symptom that cuts across diagnostic categories. We are focused on anxiety as a target symptom that happens every day, but what are the data for medication treatment? We have an update on what works.

Our next issue will be on trauma, followed by issues covering mood disorders, psychosis, substance use, and autism.

Joshua Feder, MD
Editor-in-Chief of The Carlat Child Psychiatry Report
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The Carlat Addiction Treatment Report

First of all, we’d like to wish our readers a happy and prosperous New Year!

And as ever, thank you for your feedback and suggestions. In 2019, we aim to continue to provide you with unbiased, practical, and readable content, while keeping our tone compassionate and patient-centered. We’ll start the year off with an issue on board verification in addiction medicine—a new board open to physicians from most specialties. Other topics we aim to cover this year include the intersection of addiction and traumatic brain injury, co-occurring psychiatric disorders, infectious diseases, forensic issues, and suicide.

Bachaar Arnaout, MD

This list is not exhaustive, of course, as we are always on the lookout for relevant and timely information. Please continue to write to us!

Bachaar Arnaout, MD
Editor-in-Chief of The Carlat Addiction Treatment Report
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